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Fun FAQ's & Prices

How many photos can fit on a print strip?

Technically we can fit as many as you want.  Just note, the more photos on a single strip, will take away from your text or design.  We recommend 1 to 4 on each strip, with 3 being the most popular.

What colors & style can I choose from?

While we do have standard templates for those without a theme, color, or design in mind, we would much rather like to create it from scratch.  Just be sure to tell us your theme, color, or things you like.  Adobe & our imagination will take it from there!

What sizes of prints do you offer?

We offer 2x6 (horz or vert) & 4x6 (horz or vert).  We can also customize the pics at any rotation

How many Green Screen backgrounds do I get?

3 come with a standard package but we have had events with up to 10. 

What types of Booths do you have and do they come with props?

Yes - We love to give props and they come with every booth.  Style are below:

Selfie Booth   > Frame, Backdrop (your choice of color/sequins), & props

Air Booth       > Frame, Backdrop (your choice of color/sequins), props, & a photo setup with printer

Inflatable LED Booth > (B&W or white) comes with props, & photo setup with printer

Green Screen Booth >  Green backdrop, props, LED lighting kit, Photo setup with printer (Don't wear green) Ha!

Green Screen Video >  Same as above but put you and your guests in the middle of your own Blockbuster movie

Flip Book Booth     >  Free Backdrop, Custom Flip-Book cover, 10 secs of video per session, flip pages rapidly for animation

Slo-Motion Booth >  Perfect combo of photo & video booth!  Available for rentals Feb 2020. 

Virtual Reality Booth > Since our 1st VR Wedding 2yrs ago, we have been working on this little secret. Coming April 2020!

**  Sorry no Magic Mirror - they were replaced by the magic mirror wall months ago anyway **

How many prints will we receive?

Our standard packages come with 2 prints for each session.  We also have unlimited packages, free digital downloads, social sharing, and every client will receive a link to our shared drive to retrieve ALL the photos from the event.

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