GrandEvents Goes Geek-Mode!

Shortly (and by shortly we mean 1 day) before the Covid Pandemic changed life as we knew it, we became an Authorized Dealer for LTS Security Solutions.  We created a really cool logo, with a catchy name & slogan, then created a web-store and an Amazon Seller Account.  Having a couple members of GrandEvents as former CCTV & IT Installers, our next step was to offer Installation packages in addition to just selling really cool equipment.  The original idea for GrandEvents back in 2015 was to offer our clients all the Event services that The Basic Pulse offered for years, along with Advanced Technological Geek stuff that only a few other Event companies around offered. 

Like the majority of Businesses that were hit hard financially, we took a hit as well, and the GPS idea was almost scrapped.  Unfortunately for Covid-19, we are huge fans of Rocky and while Covid hit hard (still currently swinging), we are just gonna get up and keep moving forward!  "We didn't hear no bell"..  Not to mention, I (Rob) spent way too much time creating this logo and I think it came out great!

While the installation portion of our services may be on hold for now, the 5,000 plus products that we have access to can be found Here .  As an Authorized Dealer for LTS, we can build you custom packages, sell to both Residential & Commercial, and help keep you safe without breaking the bank.  Stop paying licensing fees and build your very own CCTV system today.. 

Contact us as (until an actual GPS page is online), for more info!