GrandEvents Goes Skynet!!


(Grandes Protection Solutions)

We have recently announced that we have partnered up with LTS Security Solutions, in order to offer our clients the same products used by Security Professionals around the Country.  We know, we are primarily known as an Event Management Company, but being a Family Owned & Operated business - Safety has always been our #1 goal with any of our Service Offerings.  In addition to that, who doesn't want a Thermal Camera that can detect fire & send auto alerts, or a Doorbell camera that can tell the difference between a leaf in motion and a Human?  These are just a couple of products that we now offer, along with installation, and the same great service that we have provided for over 50yrs.

Our Online Store is currently paused due to COVID-19 but will be found at in the future.

Please email our sales team directly at as we are still taking orders & giving quotes.  We are just not Installing due to the current Covid-19 stay-at-home policies.  Use this Link to choose your products, which is the direct link to the LTS Mall..

Thank You for your patience & understanding, and we hope the best for you and your family during these times..