A Living Legend

The World was too small for this man, and I am not just saying this because he is my Father - It quite literally was.  A life long journey to

Rob Grande Sr
My Hero

Turning a Vision into Reality

With a Mother who taught Piano and was a Vocal coach, along with a Father who was a Drummer turned DJ, I was born into this industry.  As a 2nd generation DJ, this business became more of a second nature to me rather than a "Gig".  After my Father passed down the "Headphones", I decided to combine my background which consists of Special Events and Effects, Graphic Design, and Audio/Video/IT Integration into this business to see where it would go.  With that, GrandEvents was born.  I still offer the same great prices and service that my Father offered since 1969, but I used my personal contact to build a 1-stop shop for all of your event needs.

Rob Grande Jr
Founder of GrandEvents

A Perfectionist on Every Detail

With more than 2 decades of F&B/Events Management, Logistics, and Purchasing, my wife Lynn has become the Rocket Power in this operation.  She has hundreds of vendor contacts at her fingertips that range from Venues & Florists to Linen & Table and Chair Rentals.

Lynn B. Grande
"The Better Half" Owner

The HNIC aka Head of No Impedance & Controls

In March 2018, Lynn & I were discussing the future of GrandEvents at a family function, and Mark expressed an interest in helping us.  2 weeks later, Mark joined GrandEvents and has been helping with Advertising, Sales, & Client Relations.  He has also been handling the brunt of our Photo Booth jobs.  Lately, we have been working on the the Audio end of the business and some other Top Secret projects that we will be rolling out in 2019.  Since Mark didn't send me a brief Bio like I asked 2 weeks ago, this is his Bio & Pic, until he stumbles on to this page and yells at me to change it.  Nice Rod..

Mark Grande
"Still waiting on a Title"

Proudly Entertaining:

PA, DE, NJ, MD, & FL

302.440.3177 - GrandEvents HQ

610.306.0268 - Commercial Accounts

610.742.3010 - Wedding/Event Planning

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Licensed & Insured

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